Executive Table: Designed for CEOs, senior executives, business owners, managers and other professionals, the Executive Table offers participants the opportunity to link with others holding similar positions in meaningful exchange.

Executive Table began November 23, 2012. Since then, 118 CEOs, COOs, senior executives and attorneys have joined. Our group statistics (22% CEOs and COOs; 19% VPs; 18% partners; 11% business owners; 11% directors and 8% senior executives) have joined. Attorneys make up 16% of our group.

Unique features:
Group Wisdom: If you'd like to hear how others in executive positions handle key issues, send your situation with the subject line: Group Wisdom & your question area. If you don't want to identify yourself, please send the question confidentially to Lynne Curry or lynne@thegrowthcompany.com with Group Wisdom in the subject line and Lynne will add it.

Participants will also receive (for free) the bi-monthly Breaking News HR newsletter along with a Solutions sampler.


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