Bullying Isn't Illegal, or is it?

I need to coordinate with two individuals, a department manager and a project manager. Both are bullies and have made my work life a living hell for three years...   Full article >>

Parkinson's Disease

I supervise a customer-service employee completely unable to multitask. I’ve repeatedly written her up for forgetting details and for taking forever to make the simplest decisions...   Full article >>

The Personal Compact

I’m a new business owner and supervise my first employee, a young man who pushes endlessly for “perks” even as he displays a lack of work ethic by packing up his things before 5 and texting during the work day...   Full article >>

Boring Presenter

I run risk management for a large bank and have been told I’m so technical I bore everyone when I give statistical presentations to our Board of Directors and management team...   Full article >>

Target on my Back

Although I have a ten year history of positive performance reviews and a generally good relationship with prior supervisors, I’ve always had a testy relationship with a coworker...   Full article >>

Loose Cannon

I supervise a man who's a creative idea guy, exactly what we need in our organization -- except he drives the rest of us nuts...   Full article >>

Big Mouth

Our business development manager slams anyone who dares dispute him. He thinks he's immune from consequences as he brings so much money into our company...   Full article >>

My Boss is Gunning For Me

My supervisor is gunning for me. When I got my job, it was not with his blessing...   Full article >>

The Last Bully In My Life: How Not to Stay a Bully's Target

My work life is a living hell. I resigned this morning and am taking the rest of the summer off to heal...   Full article >>

Do I Need My Own Attorney

I've worked for my company for 15 years and have made millions of dollars for my company. Senior managers who've formerly told me they know my word is my bond are now letting my reputation be smeared...   Full article >>

Waiting for the Right Time

It's a long time to retirement and I'm hoping you'll give me some ideas for keeping my spirits up. All my life I've wanted to do something more creative and while I don't have artistic or musical talent, I love to write...   Full article >>

Unkept Promises

When I got hired, my boss promised me a raise after six months if my work proved my worth. It's now been almost a year...   Full article >>

Personal Life & Theft

Four months ago, my boss asked me to help train a new employee. She was personable, and we hit it off. Soon we were exchanging details of our lives and frequently ate lunch together. What I didn't know at the time was that she was a private investigator my employer hired to pose as an employee to investigate theft...   Full article >>

Those of Us Left Behind

Is there any hope for those of us who work for a long-term bully? Mr. Bully runs our branch office and, one by one, he's gotten rid of anyone who takes him on or questions his dictatorship. But because our office employs many talented, productive employees, we produce great results and the corporate headquarters thinks he walks on water...   Full article >>

I'll Get You Back

“If they try to terminate me over that and not give me my severance, then I’ll go to every media in the state of Alaska and they’ll wish they never heard of me,” he said...   Full article >>

Too Much Information & Yuck

From her first day at our company the woman who works at the next desk acted like my new best friend. Even though it grossed me out, I pretended to listen while she shared graphic information about the men she dated, her ex-husband's psychological issues and her trials with her son...   Full article >>

Made Money off Me & Firing Clients

When our operations manager let me know he'd found three laptops we could purchase for $500 each, it seemed like a good deal. I didn't do my own research to learn whether $500 was a good or normal price because I don't micro-manage and trusted our operations manager to act in our company's best interest...   Full article >>

Why Did It Happen? BP and the Challenger

Almost immediately after the gas alarms sounded, there were two explosions. Flames roared into the night sky as an inferno swallowed the rig. Dozens of dazed, injured people converged on the lifeboats...   Full article >>

We Fired Him But He Won't Go & Radio Jerks

We own a small, struggling retail company. Our sales manager allegedly worked for us but more often worked his own small business. He was often in the parking lot talking on his cell phone...   Full article >>

Pothead in Patient Care & Shot Off My Mouth

I work patient care in a large medical facility. Recently, a female friend invited me over to her house for drinks. When I was there, I smelled pot...   Full article >>

Not Lose Myself in my Business

I promised myself I’d never start a small business like my dad because he worked day and night and never had time for us kids. But I got laid off and couldn’t find another job and kept thinking about being my own boss...   Full article >>

Keep the Guy We Didn't Promote

When one of our senior managers unexpectedly decided to leave the state, it left a vacancy. Two of our best junior managers applied for the job and since we couldn’t split the position, it forced us to choose one of them to elevate...   Full article >>

She Can't Start

The day after we offered an applicant a job and she accepted, she asked us to delay her start date and allow her to work part time for her first two weeks. We asked why and she explained she needed surgery...   Full article >>

Is Your Job Meeting Your Needs?

If you’re like most good employees you keep a strong focus on meeting your job’s needs. What about your own needs? Is your job doing for you what you want it to?   Full article >>

Making Career Dreams a Reality

Quite possibly, you had a dream last week. Just for a moment you thought, “I wish I ….” Then, quickly, you squashed your dream. “That’s too ambitious,” you said. “I couldn’t do that.” You shook your head no and put the idea out of you mind...   Full article >>

Slammed and Defamed in my Performance Review

My former supervisor, who doesn't like me because I threaten her, gave me a mediocre performance review. As a result, I lost my chance for a major, four-figure bonus. I refused to sign the review because her "doesn't meet expectations" ratings have no basis in fact...   Full article >>

Medical Authorization

My employer wants me to sign an "Authorization to Obtain Medical Information & Reports" form, which gives them permission to obtain any and all medical information and reports for any treatment from any physician or medical facility prior to or during my employment...   Full article >>

Exit Interview, Breached Data, False Confidentiality

I hate my boss. It's been hell working here my last two weeks. Tomorrow is my last day and I can't wait to get out of this place...   Full article >>

Affair & Small Town Blues

I had an affair for two years with my boss. We kept it secret because he told me if others knew, he would lose his career and they would have to let one or both of us go. He told me I was the best thing that had ever happened to him...   Full article >>

Tight Leash Keeps Worker from Applying Elsewhere

I live in Wasilla, work in Anchorage and am incredibly tired of the commute… My problem is my current boss. He keeps me on an extremely tight leash, making it next to impossible to interview for a new job… I don't dare tell him I want to interview for another job or he'll fire me on the spot. What do I do?   Full article >>