Exit Interview, Breached Data, False Confidentiality

I hate my boss. It's been hell working here my last two weeks. Tomorrow is my last day and I can't wait to get out of this place...   Full article >>

Affair & Small Town Blues

I had an affair for two years with my boss. We kept it secret because he told me if others knew, he would lose his career and they would have to let one or both of us go. He told me I was the best thing that had ever happened to him...   Full article >>

Tight Leash Keeps Worker from Applying Elsewhere

I live in Wasilla, work in Anchorage and am incredibly tired of the commute… My problem is my current boss. He keeps me on an extremely tight leash, making it next to impossible to interview for a new job… I don't dare tell him I want to interview for another job or he'll fire me on the spot. What do I do?   Full article >>

Email: Presenting a Professional Image

For three weeks, I've sent my resume to every job opening listed on CareerBuilder and Alexys. I haven't received any replies. My husband thinks the problem is my Laflowerchild e-mail address. Are employers really so narrow-minded that I have to change my e-mail address?   Full article >>

"Dream Job" May Have Turned Out to be a Nightmare

“The job I most wanted didn't want me… After waiting a week for the offer I was sure was coming, I called and learned they'd decided to repost the position inside their organization… It's been six weeks since then and I've received three other job offers… I'm worried I won't find another offer to match the job I really wanted. ”   Full article >>

Am I Too Short To Get Hired?

Q. I moved into this state five months ago and I've been looking for a job ever since. Before I moved here, several employers expressed strong interest in hiring me. I had four interviews in my first two days...   Full article >>

Innocently Poisoning Your Co-Worker

We had an office lunch yesterday. These used to be fun events held to celebrate birthdays. Yesterday's ended abruptly...   Full article >>

Hiding The Problem

I was fired for doing my best. I worked for my company for 18 years. I was promoted to a senior position because my managers trusted me to handle problems. That's what I was fired for, for handling a problem, exactly what I was paid to do...   Full article >>


I'm an accountant. I recently joined the board of directors of an Alaska nonprofit. The organization recruited me for the board to help straighten out the organization's finances. I'm glad they did. I love our organization's mission. We serve clients with a wide variety of family and parenting problems...   Full article >>

She Talks on Speakerphones & Alaskan Salary Freight

Paper thin walls separate my office from the offices on either side. The co-worker in one of these offices talks loudly and insists on using a speaker phone rather than her handset because "it's easier and faster." She talks so loudly I hear her through the wall. This destroys my concentration and makes it difficult to work...   Full article >>

My Boss Spies On Me

After I got injured at work and filed a workers' compensation claim, my employer began spying on me. A woman at work gave me a call to let me know what was up. After that, I've seen the same man in different locations, most recently when I was leaving the grocery store...   Full article >>

Handling Romantic Dramas; Snoopy Coworker

I manage a downtown restaurant. Several of our wait staff have romantic liaisons with other staff and occasionally with customers. I've grown tired of the constant romantic dramas and so I've made it a rule that any staff who get into it with another staff member or a customer needs to immediately clock out and go off shift for 24 hours.   Full article >>

Bully Battle Part I

Most of us have witnessed it – an individual is given a promotion and the newfound “power” is immediately put to use settling scores and trampling those viewed in disfavor. The popular colloquialisms given to such events are “bullying” and “hostile work environment.”   Full article >>

I Owe Him & Lada Gaga

When my husband died, I was left with our business. I'd been handling the books and I thought I could manage things alone. I soon learned I couldn't...   Full article >>

Jane's Story

You know her as "Jane." You've seen the bruises on her face and arms. You haven't said anything because you didn't want to intrude. One day, you run into her in the break room, tears rolling down her cheeks as she pours herself a cup of coffee...   Full article >>

Swept Into Something Illegal

I'm scared my co-worker is caught up in something illegal and I'm involved...   Full article >>

Safety Maverick & Job Landing Woes

I run a small construction company. One of my most talented crew members takes occasional safety risks. I've told him I'll fire him if I catch him violating procedure - in any way - again...   Full article >>

Honesty Is The Best Policy...In Chest Hair and Job Skills

When my boss’s wife left him, he went off the deep end. He started wearing tight shirts he leaves unbuttoned to mid-chest, showing inches of chest hair. He doesn’t say anything gross about his personal life but he’s let us all know he’s on every night and hopes we’ll set him up...   Full article >>

Does A Jerk Manager = A Hostile Environment?

I work for an absolute jerk of a supervisor. The minute any customer voices any level of dissatisfaction, he assumes I've done something wrong. He doesn't even think to ask me what happened. Instead, he criticizes me, and if I interrupt him with the truth, he blows up...   Full article >>


...Sometimes the budding entrepreneurs decide against running their own businesses and remain employees. Often these entrepreneurs-in-the-making sign and comply with non-compete agreements because of their own innate integrity. At other times, individuals agree not to start their own businesses for a reasonable time after leaving without intending to keep their promise...   Full article >>

Can you fire a political activist?

Can you fire a political activist? What if someone your company employs publicly speak out and winds up on the 6 o’clock news or the newspaper’s front page? Could it cost your company business?   Full article >>

Employee Sees His Disability As A Game Changer

We were in the middle of a final meeting firing a problem employee for poor attendance and performance problems when he announced he had a disability. He said he'd been hiding a multiple sclerosis condition that resulted in his poor attendance and lack of focus.   Full article >>

The Game of Work

How successful would your company be if your employees worked as hard as they play when they're skiing, fishing or having fun? I'm thinking about an employee I know who skis every weekend until he drops. He doesn't mind how cold he gets -- he just skis. He doesn't complain about the long hours or the occasionally wet or icy conditions -- he just skis. Yet when he arrives at work on Mondays I know he doesn't arrive ready to "give his all." Instead, I hear him complain about his job, his manager and his coworkers. Read more here: game-of-work.html#storylink=cpy   Full article >>

Valley Commuters and Employee Wants A Coven

My employer doesn't seem to realize we live in Alaska where ice and snow affect an employee's ability to arrive on time...   Full article >>

Do You Say Yes When You Really Want To Say No?

Four tips for saying no with no regrets...   Full article >>

Rescinding Severance

...The way in which he acted on his way out the door and yesterday has made us regret our generosity...   Full article >>

EEOC v. Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Attention: All general contractors and businesses that contract for major services. On December 10, 2013, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (EEOC v. Skanska USA Building, Inc. (12-5967)), opined that a general contractor can be liable for a hostile work environment based on the conduct of subcontractor employees as a “joint employer.”   Full article >>

Paying For My Own Company Party, December Job-Hunting, Bonuses

The office manager just asked me for $20 for "my share" of the company party this Saturday. I felt too cheap to say "no," but I also wondered how I got into this...   Full article >>

Bad Performance Review Prompts 2nd Meeting

I’m dreading a meeting this afternoon with one of my employees. Last week I gave him his performance review and it was a difficult two hours... I assume he plans to argue with me about each rating. I’d like advice...   Full article >>

Marketing Your New Business With Brochures

I just started a business and when I meet prospective clients they ask to see a brochure. I don't know the first thing about how to put one together...   Full article >>