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Am I Entitled to My Vacation?

I am paid hourly and accumulated 5 days of vacation leave during the summer. This leave accumulation is shown on my paychecks along with my wages. I have asked to use my vacation time during my last week. The employer so far has been reluctant to agree...   Full article >>

Hire Your Replacement

True leadership isn’t about being the most skilled or having all the answers, rather it’s about extracting greatness from those who follow...   Full article >>

Don't Pay for Sick Employees

With the rise in obesity and other chronic diseases, the world is taking a look at ways to improve wellness. Businesses should look at all avenues of promoting the physical and mental health of their employees...   Full article >>

Comm. w/Post-Millenium Babies "Gen Z"

...The more Generations X and Y develop and rely on technology; it will further increase the dependence factor for the Next Generation. Brace yourselves, a new era of personalities are embarking on the workforce.   Full article >>

Importance of Comm. During FMLA Leave

How many times has an employee provided you with an incomplete Family and Medical Leave Act certification? Oh, I don't know, maybe a missing return date…   Full article >>

Intangible Cost: Training & Development

“Insufficient funds” or “lack of time” in today’s highly dynamic & global economy are no longer legitimate excuses; failure to provide on-going training will cost you in lost opportunities, disengaged and inadequate employees that either leave or are dismissed, resulting in high turnover.   Full article >>

10 Tips: Keep Workplace Clean as a Whistle

Everyone loves lists. Although not everything is reducible to a simple list, nonetheless here is a good working list of ten tips to lower your risk of being sued for employment discrimination (and ipso facto lower your blood pressure).   Full article >>

Individual Liability for Unlawful Discrim.

Learn how personal liability issues are becoming a common threat!   Full article >>

LEGAL UPDATE: Labor & Employment Law Alert

Alaska Supreme Court Extends Privileged Communications Protection to "Union Relations"   Full article >>

FLSA Rules Can Apply To You

Can employee handbooks require employees to maintain their individual pay and benefits as confidential information?   Full article >>

Legal Update by Amy W. Limeres, Esq.

Health Reform Compliance for 2012: Implementing the Summary of Benefits & Coverage Requirements   Full article >>

Race Discrimination...Not

When Red Dog Mine employee Greg Conitz filed suit after being passed over for a promotion, he challenged NANA's policy of giving shareholders hiring preference. Conitz argued that because most shareholders are Alaska Natives, the policy constituted illegal race discrimination.   Full article >>

Legal Update: By Attorney John Sedor

Hidden trap when you modify employee handbook   Full article >>

EEOC Warns Employers

EEOC warns employers about combining health records.   Full article >>

Wage and Hour Secrets? Come Clean

Does your company have wage and hour secrets?   Full article >>

Solving Social Media Conflicts

Solving social media conflicts....   Full article >>

......Relocation Expenses Upon Termination

Know what you don't know: relocation expenses upon termination   Full article >>

Employee Loyalty Plummeting

Do your employees and managers show more negativity and less loyalty than ever-yet stay with your company?   Full article >>

Keeping on Top of Your Compensation

Compensation is commonly the largest liability on any business and in the current regulatory environment, it is increasingly becoming a target for the DOL. As regulations become more complex, employers should be more vigilant in establishing effective policies and maintaining comprehensive compensation records. In fact, the current DOL agenda calls for employers to create and implement plans that “find and remedy violations of the law” and then implement that plan to prevent violations of the law.   Full article >>

Social Media and Cell Phones in the Workplace

Cell phones, PDA’s, and other electronic innovations have increased the employer’s access to their employees, making associates more available and connected to their work. They also generate the temptation to make personal calls or access the internet on a PDA, which is difficult to resist for even the most conscientious of employees.   Full article >>

The Importance and Benefits of HR Audits

The human resources department within a business is literally the core of the business. That is because human resources help keep all of the employees happy. They take care of employee concerns and may even take care of the hiring within the business.   Full article >>

Leadership: What Makes a Good Leader

It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful business. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop himself or herself into a good leader if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership. And, whether someone is naturally a good leader or not, anyone can become a good leader.   Full article >>

Watch out for the Dodd-Frank Act

Forty-seven federal laws protect the rights of corporate workers who report wrongdoing. In recent years the number of whistle-blower suits and related payouts has grown dramatically and may surge again with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA).   Full article >>

Exercise Restraint and Objectivity

Retaliation claims are increasing at an alarming pace. Not only have these claims tripled in number within the last two decades, they now exceed race discrimination as the leading claim filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.   Full article >>

Six Employer Misconducts

We’ve all heard horror stories about “monster” bosses or even dealt with them personally ourselves but being a horrible boss does not automatically mean employer misconduct. Your boss can be a cranky cheapstake but as long as he abides by federal and state labor laws, you can’t hold him liable for a “bad” personality. However, you can hold your boss liable in court or before federal agencies if he does any of the following illegal acts:   Full article >>

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Although no Alaska law specifically covers sexual orientation discrimination, gay employees can bring and potentially win suits using federal precedents ruling against an employer's gender stereotyping of characteristics or traits associated with gender.   Full article >>

No Excuses: FLSA Child-Labor Rules are Tough!

If you plan to hire anyone under 18 years old for the summer, you should be thoroughly familiar with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act's child-labor limitations. The U.S. Labor Department enforces these rules strictly and aggressively. Don't count on good intentions and "close enough" to save the day if you get it wrong.   Full article >>

New US DOL Smart Phone App for Employees

On May 9, 2011, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a free smartphone application designed to help employees independently track the hours they work and wages they are owed. The app allows users to enter their daily work hours manually or automatically using a timer, and to view and e-mail time reports. The DOL's press release makes it clear that the Department intends to use information employees record through this app in its enforcement efforts:   Full article >>

Workplace Gossip: Policies Needed?

Is workplace gossip, “a form of warfare that [brings] everyone down,” as suggested in a recent article in the New York Times? Or as local blogger Michelle Goodman responded, might such gossip also be a force for good that can show people in a good light, clue employees into office undercurrents, or tip everyone off to changes coming down the pike?   Full article >>

9th Circuit Court Ruling Impacts AK Employers

In an opinion issued March 17, 2011, the 9th Circuit’s U.S. Court of Appeals held that employers have the burden of proof to justify failure to reinstate an employee returning from FMLA leave   Full article >>