Our Services

The Growth Company provides 3500+ clients in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest customized programs and assistance in the areas of human resources, training, and organizational strategy.   
Founded in 1978, our consultant team offers over 110 years of combined expertise in the areas of human resources, strategic planning, training, investigations and mediation. Our mission at TGC is to improve the work place, one organization at a time. All our services can be customized. Sample services include:
Human Resources                                     Training & Development

HR On-Call                                                          Leadership development

360 Reviews & CEO evaluations                    Team building

AA/EEO plans & auditing                                 Executive & manager coaching

Professional coaching                                       Training for trainers

Discipline and termination assistance          Manager, employee, board training

Mediation                                                              HIPAA Compliance

Investigations                                                       See more...

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Organizational Strategy                                                                       

Strategic planning                                             Tailored salary surveys

Organizational assessments                            Consulting

Management strategy                                       Employee surveys

Strategic communication                                Partnering sessions

Client surveys                                                     Facilitated retreats

Inter-departmental collaboration                Sucession planning

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