360 & CEO Reviews

     Learn what your customers and peers really think.




Our 360 reviews and CEO evaluations provide professionals,CEOs and their organizations with objective, neutral information for assessing the professional or CEO. The 360 review covers 24 areas including management style, communication and decision-making – for a free listing of the areas, please call any of our team.   

The CEO evaluation focuses on tangible, objective data, and also provides a summary of Board member views concerning how the CEO meets Board member expectations, carries out the organization’s mission and meets other leadership demands.  

We provide our clients a detailed summary, normally 9 to 23 pages in length, which identifies strengths and areas needing improvement in each of the areas, along with recommendations. 

Clients who’ve asked us for 360 reviews or CEO evaluations regularly ask us to repeat the process at multiple levels in their companies or to repeat the process every other year because they find the process and information so helpful.