Building an Internal HR Dept.

 Do you find yourself in either scenario?:

  • Your company has been successfully growing in revenue and employees. Now, you’ve realized that it may be more cost effective and prudent to establish your own internal HR department but you’re not sure how to get there.

  •  You’ve had an HR department for some time now but it is in need of repair or potentially a complete overhaul.


Our mission is to help heal the workplace one employee and one company at a time. We serve as the HR department for many companies on a regular basis. Our hope is that as companies grow, we can help them transition into their own in-house HR department. We help companies start an HR department from scratch and allow for them to continue to rely on our on-call services as they move through the transition.

We conduct an organizational assessment taking into account the best timing for transition and the best method for transition based on your company culture. We help you develop current employees into HR roles or recruit for the ideal candidate to spearhead the department.

We never leave you without support. Our staff provides you processes and procedures, handbooks and reference guides for your employees. Let us help you so you no longer need us!