Partnering sessions


When you came together as a partnership things were exiting and new. Now, as the company goes through growth cycles you may find your partnership at odds most of the time.

Can’t agree on the best strategy for your company…strategy preference may not be the issue.

Do you enjoy your company but not your partners?

Are the conflicts in your partnership keeping you from moving your company on to greater endeavors?

Are there elephants in the room that can no longer be hidden under a rug or behind a closed door?

TGC has often been called upon to help bring partners together when they have found themselves at an impasse for forward movement of their company. We build trust with each partner through opening discussions with each partner helping them identify their personal and professional goals, listen to and understand their perspective and asking them for what they believe to be problems and potential solutions. We use this information to then bring together a facilitated session where trust, accountability and a new sense of ownership are key components to bring understanding and find solutions. We guide partners through conflict mediation and are trained to keep the session in a safe environment where elephants can be brought to the table and resolve can be made.