Strategic communication


When developing strategy, communication is typically assumed and unconsidered.

Professionals and companies stumble over what, when and how to communicate and to whom.  They often don’t realize they’ve stumbled at all until hindsight leaves them wondering why their employees didn’t embrace the new initiative, revised handbook, IT overhaul or new manager or peer.  These pains can be avoided through communication strategy.   

TGC consultants take professionals and organization through methods that strengthen and enhance their leadership, communication and organizational development skills through both practical and theoretical applications of dynamic, transformational and ethical leadership. Staff training and/or individual coaching sessions in this arena focus on creating and communicating vision and values; inspiring others to act; building trust, empowerment and teamwork; communicating during and through crisis; serving as a change agent and dynamics of communication strategy.

Our consultant team guides the development of strategic communication plans and effective strategies to communicate those plans such that foresight comes much closer to 20/20. Our team also aids individuals in developing personal communication skills through personalized coaching in which we assist with interpersonal skill-building, speech presentation and writing skills.