Training & Development

 Invest in your employees




TGC offers our clients training sessions and training development in hundreds of areas (we’ve had 33 years to develop our training programs).

We customize every program to your organization or individual needs (generally at no charge). 

The listing below covers a wide variety of areas, however, if you don’t find the title you want -- just call us (we decided to list a sampling of titles instead of a longer list). Also, our clients often inspire us to create a new topic.

In addition to providing specific training, we provide development assistance in leadership development, training for trainers and facilitators, team-building and coaching. 

Also, all of our trainings are:

  • Fast-paced and highly participatory
  • Focuses on specific and concrete skills rather than theory 
  • Involves the participants through watching demonstrations, hearing short presentations, completing written and group exercises and through applying the skills presented in simulated situations 
  • Gives participants frequent opportunities to put skills and knowledge presented to work in case situations 
  • Can be evaluated in terms of measurable results
Training & development services                                                          

   Leadership development                               Executive & managerial coaching

   Team building                                                   Life coaching

   Training for trainers & facilitators             Training Programs

 Manager, employee & board training topics                                       

    Management & supervision                               Stress, time management & change

    Communications & conflict resolution              Ethics

    Customer service, sales & marketing                 Board of directors

    Mediation                                                             Memory

    Workplace bullying                                             Presentations

    Diversity                                                               Legal aspects of management

    Gen X/Y                                                              See all training topics