Unify and move forward


If you want to kick-start or enhance the level of “team” in your organization, we can provide you a customized team-building session that:

  • Increases team skills;
  • Addresses interdepartmental team conflict;
  • Helps a team self-assess their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Develops team motivation and individual team player “buy-in”

We custom-tailor team sessions to a team or organization’s specific needs. Here are some options (your session can include one or more options).

Skill-building and strategy development

We can provide your team and team members fun, interactive, effective training on communication, conflict resolution and/or group decision-making skills. These skills and strategies might include: dealing with toxic energy, getting rapport, taking criticism without defensiveness and two-way problem resolving.

Understanding of others’ styles

While differences in thinking and working style make for healthy organizations, they also create frustration and conflict. Often, when individuals request team-building training, they’re hoping that members of the team will take assessment inventories giving every team member an improved ability in understanding other team members’ thinking, working-style and decision making differences and styles.

Who and what are we: where are we going?

Effective team-building sessions often focus on who and what the team is and where the team is going. Participants work in groups to discuss and come to agreement on issues such as:

  •  What are we doing well?; what are our strengths and accomplishments?
  •  In what areas do we need to improve or focus our efforts?
  •  What does the team expect form our leader?; what does our leader expect from the team?
  •  What are our each of our sections of the organization “pie” and what do each of our “slices” wish the other slices understood?

Practicum experience or group events

We provide teams with challenging and fun physical and/or mental activities and simulations that both test a team’s skills and allow a team to develop new and improved methods for interacting and resolving conflicts. One of our favorites is “toxic popcorn” which is a unique group challenge that has had success with several thousand groups.