Training Programs

      Providing the skills and tools needed to be successful



HIPAA Compliance Training

Begin your journey to becoming HIPAA compliant as The Growth Company takes you step by step through the rules and regulations of the HIPAA Privacy and Hi Tech Act. This program consists of hands-on workshops, extensive Q & A sessions as well as engaging presentations.

School of Customer Service

3 tier program spanning all aspects of customer service, from de-escalating customer situations to surprising the customer with stellar service.

Supervisor & Manager Boot Camp

7 modules such as legal aspects of management to leadership, motivating employees and handling work performance problems.

Training Without Walls

This course is custom tailored to meet specific needs of your organization and has continued reevaluation of course material to grow with your company.

Styles & Types: People Dynamics at Work

This fast-paced, fun, provocative training session; Presents a useful framework for understanding the people you work with;
Reveals key differences and why you and others come to certain conclusions; Helps you immediately understand and unravel people issues.

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