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Since 1978 TGC has worked to build a loyal client base. We appreciate each one, large or small.



"Thank you for the tools you've provided to help me be a better leader to my team of 60+!  I feel much more confident to be a supervisor and effectively do my job."

-Kenya Sharp, 2014 Supervisor Academy Graduate

Staff Director, Midnight Sun Home Healthcare



"Your training program has been the most engaging and stimulating training I have ever been through." 


Some of the comments I received were:


- This training has been amazing! I learned ways to help my department and the organization.

- I am taking the knowledge from this training and applying it to my department meetings.

- I never even thought about some of the issues Lynne presented in our management training.  I feel like it brought me to a whole new level.

- I have never been in such an awesome training.   


I know everyone I spoke to was engaged and actively participating.  There was not once that I thought someone needed to pay more attention or seemed disconnected.


Thank you!"


- Emi Aubertine, PHR


Human Resources Team

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union


"I have worked in 3 financial institutions covering 42 years, and believe me, I’ve been to a lot of trainings covering the latest and greatest methods of management and customer service.  None of them can compare to Friday’s training, and I’m pretty sure the employees who attended will agree.  I’ve never seen so many “big” smiles leaving an all-day training in my life!"

-Saundra Foster

Professional Development and Education Officer

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

“Your keynote for the UAA Convocation was perfect. You hit it out of the ballpark with perfect pitch. I overheard a faculty member with very high standards say: ‘I don’t know if we can get someone as good to speak next year.’ Thanks again for an absolutely inspiring speech.”

~Pam Cravez

Assistant Chancellor

University of Alaska Anchorage



“We have been extremely fortunate in utilizing Lynne Curry and The Growth Company for our last two Strategic Planning sessions.  Lynne’s extensive knowledge, experience, presentation and facilitation skills are unsurpassed!  If your organization is trying to develop a clear, concise and compelling Strategic Plan --- with measurable goals, objectives and deliverables --- one call to Lynne will get you on the right path.”


Warmest regards,

                                    Michael L. Kelly,

                                    President and CEO, Natives of Kodiak, Inc   

                                    President, KOMAN, Inc

                                    Managing Member, KOMAN Diversified Services, LLC      



Thank you Scott,

I found your work with us helpful and in many ways enlightening. I appreciate your efforts on our behalf and look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.

Sam Dickey, Deputy District Director for Small Business Administration


I would like to thank you for the excellent job your company did on evaluating Ouzinkie's human resource needs.  Your presentation to the Board was expecially helpful.  Our Board doesn't have much experience in the HR world so your down to earth presentation was perfect. After reading your report and hearing the presentation the Board understands completely what is required to bring our company's HR program into full compliance. Thank you again for the help and great work!

John Sturgeon, ONC President/CEO



Today's business rules, challenges, and expectations have changed; move ahead of the curve. Scott Stender is an amazing and engaging trainer that will not fall short of training expectations! With integrity and a dynamic background, Scott brings his honest and open experience to the table for proven results. His strong and strategic specific skills make him a true organizational specialist that can only be described as transformational.

-Patrick M Rodey, Alaska State Senator, Retired


“Thank you Arielle. You were a breath of fresh air! Your training was interesting and very enjoyable.”

 Diana M. Murat, Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation

"Arielle does a great job making the information in her classes relevant to the people that she teaches. She has a way of methodically working through difficult subjects such as succession planning and managing difficult people. In the classes that I took I was able to walk away with a fresh perspective on both of these subjects. She does a great job at breaking down misconceptions and controlling the crowd during her classes. This enables the students to maximize the potential of the class without knowing it."

Ben Wedin, Nordic-Calista Services

“I first turned to TGC several years ago for help resolving a conflict between two employees. Based on that experience they have become my go-to provider for coaching, communication, and other training. In my personal experience I have walked away from every conversation with something to make me better at what I do. I have used TCG for organizational reviews and one-on-one coaching for my staff. Every experience has been positive and resulted us better equipped to do our jobs. The level of professionalism is high, the coaches can ask the tough questions without making you feel uncomfortable, and there is always a solution offered. I highly recommend them.”

- Stafford, Office Manager of Shannon and Wilson (Anchorage, Ak)


“Arielle creates energy in a room that is contagious. She is a dynamic speaker that quickly engages the audience through real life examples of personal experience of both success and failure creating an atmosphere of relevance that demands you engage, participate, practice and as a result, believe in your ability to motivate others. Her style of training, instructing and instilling confidence is like a great basketball coach that commands respect, inspires you and kicks you in gear all at the same time. She gets the job done and moves people toward new paradigms and action.”

- Linda Sture, Campus Director of Alaska Career College


“This class is an oasis; it is a spa retreat for those who want to learn how to communicate.  Lynne teaches you communication techniques that you can use for life.  This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life. It gives you an opportunity to observe and learn from others in a way that inspires and gives strength. I have been talking about Lynne, people I have met in class and what I have learned with friends, coworkers and family ever since I took this class.”


- Elina Adams, BP Alaska  

"I am taking a Business Communication class this semester in school, its amazing how many of T.W.O.W.'s lessons are be taught in my classes, and how i am able to build upon what i have learned. I would recommend T.W.O.W. to anyone, awesome class."


- Joshua Wheeler, TWOW Participant & Alumni


“The name, Effective Presentation Skills, doesn’t do this course justice.  Lynne offers so much more: understanding how to read people and communicate more effectively given your listener’s style, training and facilitating techniques, how to deal with difficult people, and simple yet powerful relaxation strategies.  By the end of the 3 days, the transformation of the participants (myself included) was obvious – not only did confidence improve, actual skills did too.  I have already recommended this course to multiple people and will continue to do so.” –

 Megan Campau

SQM Specialist

PSCM-BP Alaska


“I was an inexperienced manager working with a particularly thorny team dynamic.   I had been struggling for so long to build a cohesive team that I was failing at other job assignments and in several areas of my personal life too.   I was spinning wheels and desperately needed advice. 

Lynne, like always the training was spectacular.  There are very few times someone can truly touch the hearts and minds of people.  I HEARD from every single person, at least once, how pleased they were with the training and how they would love to make this a year occurrence.  I SAW many on my teammates leave the training with new insight, direction, and a drive to learn to write on the dry erase board without looking!

Successful is a very small word to express how pleased we were with the training.  We are extremely grateful that you shared your expertise, knowledge, and excitement with us.  Thank you and we look forward to our next meeting!


Tennelle Peterson (A true Gen Y!)

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge


So I attended several of your breakfast breakouts last year and purchased your book, Solutions. 

I followed your advice on how to ethically weed out the trouble employees and incorporated your hiring practices to find the right employees.  I actually set my expectations from day one and have been conducting quarterly interviews since then to keep communication active.  As a result, I finally have a team that enjoys working together.   My overall health has improved (physical, mental & spiritual), my program is back on track, and my boss is proud of me!  I can literally say that your advice has changed my life for the better.  Thank you.” 

 -Jessica Braendel, CAC Records Manager


"For the first time, all of our program staff were fortunate enough to meet together as a group and have Lynne Curry of The Growth Company facilitate a full day’s training. Lynne took our group and shook them up, opening their eyes on a variety of topics from distinguishing different communication styles to how to deal with difficult clients. Her training was invaluable to us as our program is all about effective communication, both giving and taking. The training was physical, mentally stimulating, and fun. Our staff are still talking about it!"

 - Jeff Kemp, Department of Labor and Workforce


"Lynne, I wanted to take a moment to thank and compliment you with the Team Building Workshop you conducted at KANA Community Services on Tuesday. As a result of your efforts I feel our team will be more cohesive, appreciative and understanding of each other. I am more aware of my strengths and 'areas that needed improving' in my professional and personal life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I hope our paths cross in the future."

- Starr Ward, Kodiak Area Native Association


"Lynne is a miracle worker!"

- Dr. Frank Thomas-Mears, Multiple Risk Managers, Inc.


Dear Lynne,

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done for St. Mary's.

Before we brought you on board, I was well aware of your reputation for helping churches and organizations clarify patterns of communication, identify shared goals, and repair relationships that had become impaired, strained, or damaged.

Lynne, I was not expecting the depth of Christian faith and spirituality that is so much a part of your work. You immediately addressed my concerns for the strictest of confidentiality, and did so in a way that went beyond best business practices and took us to the heart of the Gospel.

The Grace and steadfast hopefulness of God shines through all you do, and I have seen the hand of God through the healing work you have done at our church. You have my deepest trust, respect, and admiration. May the Lord continue to bless you in your work and ministry.

In Christ's Name,

The Rev. Michael Burke


“The management classes I’ve taken with Lynne Curry have covered topics in memory and retention, conflict management, leadership attributes, handling work performance problems, interviewing and selection techniques, board of directors training, negotiation, delegation, and legal aspects of management – just to name a few. I’ve been presented with these concepts in college and other leadership seminars, but until now they were just that – concepts.

Lynne has an extremely interactive teaching style, which has helped me transform these ideas from management mumbo-jumbo into tangible tools that can be applied in real-life situations. Throughout the course of each day, we were repeatedly put in rotating pairs for role-playing and one-on-one activities when not engaged in group discussions. Everyone in the class – no matter their level of management experience – was able to walk away having learned something new. If you have an opportunity to work with this woman and her company – do it! You won’t regret it.”

- Jillian Chapman, Alaska Sea Life Center


"The Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board had made a decision in 2007 to hold a Board Development Training Workshop to assist it in a number of ways.

With a 12-member citizen's board, the defining of what issues and problems to address would not be easy and not decided by any one member. Lynne was able to walk into this workshop with a general idea of what we were looking for, and through a very professional and experienced process, she was able to engage each member in determining and focusing on the common ground that the board stood for and then work through more and more complex issues.

This workshop looked daunting from the amount of issues this board has to deal with, but Lynne was able to capture the overarching problems and helped guide the board through a process that would improve our communication, help us deal with conflict better and define our methods for decision making.
I believe each board member felt the workshop was well worth everyone's time and the investment necessary to have Lynne facilitate!"

- Jack Sinclair


"Lynne Curry has done a wonderful job in our “Team Building” sessions, especially in drawing out employees that weren’t comfortable in a team atmosphere. Everyone I spoke with felt that Lynne really made the Team Building sessions worthwhile and many employees later thanked me for the program and how helpful they thought it was. I think our employees had fun while they learned how important their co-workers contributions are. We hope to see renewed enthusiasm at K&L as a result of these sessions."

- Don Grasse, K & L Distributors


"As a new supervisor I found all of the material useful. Lynne was excellent and showed great energy which helped keep everyone focused and involved."

-John Bush, Meridian Management, Inc.


"Lynne taught two sessions of "Effective Business Writing" for my frontline customer service staff this week. Although I don't think my staff necessarily looked forward to the subject matter, they were enthusiastic about Lynne being the presenter. Lynne's enthusiasm and authenticity coupled with top-quality content and instructional ability makes even grammar fun!

She tailored her material to accommodate our specific questions regarding: concise writing, email style for business, getting to the point, and getting compliance from members in response to written correspondence. Her prepared materials covered the writing process itself, writing using active language, eliminating jargon, clutter, and unnecessary words, getting started, developing effective paragraphs, and sounding human, while still writing in a professional style.

The most effective part of her training is her ability to connect with the students, tailor her instruction to fit with their level of knowledge, and then to have them practice each technique taught. Incorporating practice into the instruction is what makes the subject matter "real" to staff and greatly enhances their retention of and most importantly, use of the material in their daily work.

This is the second set of training sessions I've had Lynne do for my staff and I plan to use her again in the future. These are training dollars very well-spent."

- Teresa Kurka, Manager, Customer Service, Chugach Electric Association, Inc.


"I want to thank you for everything you have done thus far assisting the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) in building a more effective working environment and managing a challenging organizational change at our center.

The Team Building Retreats, which you so professionally facilitated, were exciting and constructive. They allowed the PDC staff to examine and understand themselves, co-workers, and the PDC mission in the context of a more effective team environment. They also helped the PDC view itself as its stakeholders and customers do, a particularly interesting and often overlooked perspective without professional facilitation. I am happy to say that the results to date have enabled PDC to better understand which internal and external processes were working (and which were not) and most importantly, define and implement solutions to improve both internal efficiency and overall value to our customers.

Your ability to assess and work with the many different personalities, issues, and complex situations has been quite impressive. This, along with your professionalism, skilled approach to problem solving, and your level of understanding of issues engenders a tremendous sense of assurance among the participants during, and after, the working sessions. This ultimately has had a very positive influence on the PDC staff.

Thank you again for the particularly beneficial sessions. We look forward to continued collaboration with you and The Growth Company as we move forward implementing changes at the PDC."

- Earnest D. Paylor, II, Ph.D., Program Director


"Lynn, I truly enjoyed your training session. I have never felt so uplifted and ready for the world. I can’t help but to tell you I thought “Oh Brother” another training session when I heard you were coming. I’m sooo glad I was there and was able to attend. I believe what you do is YOUR calling and I believe all work place environments need a session or two from you quarterly. Thanks so much for coming and teaching up how to match, communicate, and conquer."

- Sarah


"Lynne - Thank you so much for taking the time to work with our staff last week! The conference evaluations that I received consistently rated your session as the most valuable to our staff. Even a few of the tough and burly maintenance guys found that they learned some important tools they can use on and off the job. As one of them stated (with a smile): 'When you see me stop, take a breath and pause, start looking for smoke coming out of my ears because that means I'm about to

I hope that we'll be able to take advantage of your wealth of knowledge and rich expertise on future occasions. Thanks again for helping to make our conference successful! Anchorage is sure lucky to have someone as talented as you living right here!"

- Chris


"I want to take just a moment to let you know how much our managerial staff at Guardian Security Systems, Inc. appreciated and enjoyed your program on Sexual Harassment. It was not only informative but the interactive environment you developed actually reached out and grabbed our manager’s attention.

On a personal note I would like to thank you for touching on problematic subjects that typically aren’t considered harassment. Your gentle guidance on each subject got through where I would not have been taken seriously.

Your seminar was the best that I have ever attended; I feel this was money well spent.

Thank you once again."

- Ned E. Hahn, President, Guardian Security Systems, Inc.


"Energetic, inspirational, maintains her audience attention by getting everyone involved!!"

"Lynne’s great! I like her energy, great delivery and complete control of the subjects she discusses."

"Again, I like Lynne's energy and the way she shares her experiences with the class."

"I think Lynne is an excellent instructor. She keeps us on task, makes sure all our concerns are addressed, and reinforces the skills learned."

"Lynne is great…the class interaction keeps everybody interested. The class flew by today; I wanted to hear more about
the ’Triangle.’"

"As always, I enjoy the instructor, she displays high energy, keeps you focus, and gives you the I-can-accomplish-anything attitude. Her classes are well prepared and a joy to be in. Other instructors would benefit from her techniques and joyful personality."

"I have had sessions with Lynn at my old place of employment. I always find her animated, aware and tuned into what we need as an audience. She does an excellent job of keeping us all involved and making us aware of how we can use what she has taught us. I enjoy learning from her."


"Lynne puts a personal touch in her sessions by using real life stories that not only amuse, but make you think and store them away for future reference. I am always amazed at the scope of knowledge she has in the business and personal arenas. I appreciate Lynne's sincerity, thoughfulness, and energy. She makes you want to attend the training sessions – they are more like experiencing life situations and learning how to adjust or accept."

“Lynn is highly energetic and keeps the class involved in what she is attempting to impart - very observant and reflects that she loves what she is doing.”

“Lynne’s a great bundle of energy. Her presentation was innovative and interesting. She interacted with the group extremely well!”

“I liked the class and the style of presentation. I felt it was every bit as important to have a gathering of management in one room to take in how we think and how we operate.”

“I really felt Lynne's energy flow through to me. Great trainer!”

“Lynne does a great job of keeping our attention by moving fast and having such interesting materials.”

“I found Lynne to be a very focused and dynamic trainer. I was never bored and she kept us completely on track. With our wiggly group - that is high praise!”

“Lynne was great, I thought her energy and creativity made the two hour session fly by. It is obvious she knows her stuff and she also knows people. By getting us all involved, she created excitement for the group, which put a real positive spin on the Seminar.”

“I think Lynne did a great job at teaching. She keep the material and techniques part of our everyday life experience. Great class interaction.”

“Lynne, is an excellent trainer, and very personable. Her high energy level was felt throughout the class which kept me focus and energized. I look forward to attending her next class.”

“The trainer was very energetic, positive and conveys there is hope for us all.”

“Lynne set a good example for how we should accomplish our work. She knew she had 2 hours to complete the class and help us get something out of it. She was very tactful at getting our attention and keeping it. She was clear, concise and put the lessons in terms that we could relate. She also explained the right & left brained people and how we are unique but can still accomplish good time management. I feel like this class came at a good time for me. Lynne caught my interest, held it and motivated me to work on my time management skills. I'm looking forward to future sessions with her.”

“The trainer is great! Very enthusiastic, interesting, and easy to work with. I am looking forward to the next 6 sessions!”

“I think she is very good. Has great ideas & insight. Enjoyed her presentation, it moves & keeps your attention.”

 -Horizon Lines managers on Lynne's Time Management training


October 28, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

The Growth Company has provided services to RIM Architects since 1999. Specifically, Lynne Curry has provided effective services to our firm including strategic planning, organizational change, evolution management, coaching for senior staff and owners, team building strategies, communication enhancement, conflict resolution as well as evolution of management structure and ownership transition and training. In addition, the Growth Company has provided a broad range of Human Resources-on-Call services.

Lynne and her team have earned a high level of respect and trust from RIM Architects and we use the diverse services available from The Growth Company on a consistent basis.

Lynne Curry’s ability to facilitate our work sessions, keep us focused and on task, assess specific needs of our firm and recommend or develop training tailored to those needs has been invaluable to the successful evolution of our company.

Without exception, we are pleased with The Growth Company’s service and without reservation recommend them to other companies who are seeking experienced, highly professional and effective services of this nature.


Larry S. Cash, AIA NCARB
RIM Architects

September 16, 2004

Re: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern;

The Child Development Division at RurAL CAP, as well as other divisions, has contracted with Lynne Curry, PhD, to provide training to our staff. Recently, Lynne provided training on “The Human Side of Supervision” for our Head Start Site Directors, Regional Mangers and Coordinators (about 60 people) during our Pre Service training in August. Staff evaluations rated the training Lynne provided as the highest of all trainings offered during our week-long Pre Service. Most evaluations contained comments regarding having Lynne return to conduct future training’s, and some wanted her available to them at sites.

RurAL CAP operates Head Start programs through out the state of Alaska; from St. Lawrence Island to Ketchikan and all parts in between. We have a very diverse staff; culturally, ethnically, with varied educational backgrounds and learning styles. Lynne did an outstanding job of preparing for the training in advance and providing a training that was met the diverse needs of the entire group. She met with Regional Managers ahead of time to understand the topics and issues that they wanted on the agenda. She began the training with a quick assessment of what all participants wanted to gain from the sessions. During the training, she has an amazing ability to connect with people. She listens carefully with her ears and her eyes, and does an outstanding job of matching her presentation to what the participants need.

Planning training for our Head Start site directors is very difficult, trying to find people who can train to a diverse audience and learning styles. Lynne had the full attention of everyone in the room – you could have heard a pin drop. We couldn’t have been happier with Lynne’s work, we are already seeing her training being put into practice. We will definitely call on her for the future!


Debra Bruneau
Systems Leader, RurAL CAP Child Development Division


I have attended several of Lynne Curry’s training seminars through The Growth Company. Lynne is energetic, dynamic and truly a great speaker. Lynne’s creative teaching style not only makes it easy for you to comprehend but also helps you to retain the information she teaches for years to come. Lynne Curry’s seminars have not only impacted how I deal with my work environment but also my personal life. If you have not attended a Lynne Curry seminar you are definitely missing out. I highly recommend The Growth Company for companies that want to train their employees or for anyone who is seeking personal growth.

Jeri L. King


“Lynne teaches skills that are easy to apply in our real world settings. I noticed that light bulbs were “popping on”, not only for me but for everyone in the room. I have kept the handouts she provided on my desk. I have referred to them several times in the last week. Normally seminar material gets filed on a shelf. NOT THIS TIME."

Ellen Cloudy, EHS-Alaska, Inc.


I have had the pleasure of working with The Growth Company to provide
leadership, customer service, dealing with difficult situations and a
variety of training for employees of the Alaska Railroad during the past five years. The Growth Company has always provided "top notch" training that our employees learn from and enjoy. Lynne and all of the staff are great to work with and I recommend The Growth Company for all of your training needs.

Adrie A. Setten. Director, Passenger Operations, Alaska Railroad


Just a quick comment... I have been to several of your (Lynne's) seminars that have sponsored by previous employers and have always found them to be very insightful, informative, useful, and entertaining. I follow your column on a very regular basis and, like your seminars, always find it very informative and useful.

Duane Spellecacy, AWWU


November 25, 2002

The Growth Company, Inc.
121 W. Fireweed Lane, Suite 175
Anchorage, AK 00503

To Whom It May Concern:

I can speak highly of the training provided to Wilder Construction’s managers and supervisors by The Growth Company, Inc. The fast and hard-hitting training covered a variety of topics.

The Growth Company and Lynne Curry understand the problems that supervisors face and focus on practical skills that can be put into place right away. The training was well-received and made a difference for the company.


Bill Hopper, General Manager, Wilder Construction


I've known Lynne Curry for many years and have utilized her services through TCG many times,not only for myself, but for other members of my staff. TGC's topics, presentations and training are right on the money when it comes to business management strategies that are easy to recall and apply in practical application of the every day work setting.

Elizabeth Rensch, President & CEO, Analytica Alaska Inc.


Lynne Curry used a combination of practical lecture and group excercises to create a thought provoking dynamic within the class. Her great personal warmth and interesting speaking style hooked the class within minutes and her depth of knowledge on the subject was impressive. I would recommend this seminar to anyone that wishes to improve their leadership skills.

Maggie Strobbe, Account Manager, Kaiser, Whitlock, Rulien, LLC


"Lynne Curry and The Growth Company provided my Support Services Leadership Team with a tailored program in customer service that resulted in a 35% improvement in internal customer customer satisfaction the next rating cycle. Outstanding!"

Edwin G Fleming, Director, Program Integration, Strategic Human Resources


The leadership class I attended was superb! I now feel I understand my leadership style better and learned new insights and strategies for better managing my employees.

I would recommend any manager, team leader, supervisor to take this course. Anyone taking this course will truly benefit from it.

Deverette L. Williams CPOCPAC


Don't select Lynne if you want a typical management class. That's not what Lynne Curry delivers. Of course, she presents useful information ... but with a plus. She adds a unique flare to any classroom, providing humorous real-life and not so real-life examples. She keeps my interest. I can hardly wait to hear what she will say or write next (in class or her weekly article).

I've read Lynne's articles since 1991 and have picked up invaluable tips that I've applied in my work-world. I've witnessed countless presenters/professors during hundreds of hours of job-related and college courses over the past ten plus years. Lynne adds something to the classroom that I haven't seen too often. She bring energy and excitement to what she teaches. It's obvious to me that she believes in what she preaches and is eager to share with others.

You won't be disappointed if you pick Lynne Curry and The Growth Company for your organization's training needs.


S. Kathy Mcbroom, M.S., Management & Program Analyst
And College Professor


RE: Mediation Training by Lynne Curry

In 1992, the Anchorage Board of REALTORS developed a mediation program as a service for our members. The purpose of the program is to assist buyers and sellers in resolving real estate related disputes through mediation. The mediators are members of the Board who volunteer their time as a mediator.

The Anchorage Board is responsible for training the mediators with the appropriate skills to be successful. Lynne Curry with the Growth Company has been conducting the mediation training since the program was established. She has successfully taught members of all skill levels the fundamentals of mediation. We have both experienced mediators and beginning mediators that benefit from her training.

The Board’s mediation program average success rate is 90%. I accredit this to the excellent hands on mediation training given by Lynne Curry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 561-2338.

Sandy Forrest, Executive Officer, Anchorage Board of REALTORS


Dear Professional:

I've known Lynne Curry for several years. When the time came for our firm to
expand again, I thought we might be able to use her firms help with the
interview process. It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Lynne has some very specific training and skills that gave us an extra
advantage in finding just the right person for our team. Her presence helped
make the process flow much more smoothly. We were able to ask the right
follow-up questions to completely explore the key issues.

Oh, and she's a lot of fun.

I'm pleased to give The Growth Company my highest recommendation.

Russell Pounds, Principal, Pacific Rim Graphics


"Testimonials" by Forest Service personnel attending session by Lynne Curry.
Collected in an informal survey and paraphrased by Fred Clark.

- Lynne's concentration on challenging our patterns provided an uplifting
perspective on change.

- I appreciate the idea that I need to be 100% participating in order to
control the things I can, and to let go of the things I can't.

- Lynne has a great way of getting people out of their comfort zones -

WOW! What do we get to do next?????????

Fred Clark


Kathy Vogan, Premier Mortgage: I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar today. You did a great job getting everybody involved and really turned on to participating. The presentation was fast-paced and really interesting. I was actually sorry to have breaks.”


Jim Picard, Premier Mortgage: Lynne Curry is outstanding - even if she doubled her prices, I’d still hire her.”


“ . . . sending this letter of appreciation and praise for your outstanding efforts at our board and staff retreats. Our entire board of directors left your session invigorated and with a sense of mission . . . significant progress has been made in removing the barriers to communication and understanding among our staff.”

Marc Chapdelaine, San Mateo County Convention and Visitors Bureau:


"The training on leadership by Lynne Curry, The Growth Company, provides
practical and effective strategies to enhance managing individuals and
workgroups. Lynne is inspiring and dynamic in her presentation and makes
her seminars fun and interesting. I call on Lynne often for our management
training needs".

Mark Huber


I definitely recommend Lynne's training programs to deliver effective training to both experienced and inexperienced persons in a particular field. Lynne's training encompasses a variety of training methods ensuring that Lynne's students fully grasp the material and have the opportunity to test the material in a safe training environment.

With respect the the training I have experienced through mediation workshops, you effectively move through both basic and advanced concepts.

In addition to attending Lynne's training workshops, I have also attended advanced mediation/arbitration sessions sponsored by the National Association of Realtors through Northwestern School of Law and also a mediation/arbitration summer session through the Private Adjudication Center of Duke Law School. I am certified by the National Association of Realtors to mediate business disbutes nationwide for NAR. I include this information to underscore my statement below.

Anyone or any organization that retains Lynne's services to facilitate a training program, especially a program designed to deal with resolving disputes, will benefit from Lynne's efforts.

If anyone wants to discuss my recommendation in person, please have them contact me. I will be more than happy to expand on my recommendation and endorsement of the value of your training services.

Charles Sandberg, ABR, CCIM, CRS, GRI
ERA Real Estate Center
NAR National Director - Alaska


Re: Lynne Curry
The Growth Company
To whom it may concern:
Lynne Curry has conducted several classes for the Anchorage Board of Realtors on the subject of mediation. There are a number of members, myself included, who have had extensive training in the area of both mediation and negotiation. I can assure you that Lynne’s skills as both a trainer and negotiator put her in a category by herself. She’s one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Lynne has a talent for being able to teach a class in a manner that provides substantial value to both the novice and the experienced. If I were going to attend a course conducted by her on the subject tomorrow, I would be confident in the fact that I’d be leaving with new information, ideas and strategies. I highly recommend taking advantage of her abilities.

Dan Lee, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Properties, Inc.



It's been over a year since I worked with The Growth Company on designing
a program to fit our specific needs. Here is what I wrote then:

"Again I'd like to thank you for designing and delivering a customized day of team building and professional growth exercises for AT&T Alascom's Customer Care and Marketing Teams! We loved the way you took the lessons of Who Moved My Cheese and made them relevant to our individual and work lives! We had fun and definitely expanded our horizons. Today we are back to work with a fresh set of tools and guiding principles!

I can always count on Lynne Curry and all the associates at The Growth Company to give 110%. I've known Lynne for over 20 years during which time I have attended her classes and have sent associates to her for customized individual coaching. It's wonderful to know that she has others on her staff too who perform to her very high standards. It was a pleasure working with you on such short notice and having you be very flexible on adjusting the activities of the day to ensure we got what we wanted out of the training.

I'll be calling the next time we run into a roadblock and need to
have a fresh, objective perspective!"

These comments are still as true now as they were then. Since that time,
I have kept in touch with some of your course offerings. We recently restructured to place more emphasis on face-to-face sales with our customers. The Growth Company has always been here to help us and we look forward to continuing to work with you and your staff!

Liz Kester, Customer Care Director, AT&T Alascom