Richard Birdsall 


 Richard Birdsall, J.D., B.A.

                                   Senior Associate

 Richard brings with him twenty years of trial experience representing the California Department of Transportation and its engineers; three years in the legal field of environmental remediation; nine years of criminal investigation experience; and, two years conducting investigations for the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights.

 Birdsall brings TGC clients years of legal experience with special emphasis and training in legal compliance, risk assessment, settlements, mediation and alternative dispute resolution.  He has served as a court appointed mediator in large litigation cases.  He is particularly skillful and adept ferreting out troublesome HR problems and then finding creative ways to solve them.

 Birdsall also brings considerable experience as a law instructor at the college and professional levels.  He loves teaching with an interactive model promoting student participation and involvement using hypothetical fact patterns to make it fun, real and practical.  This skill set offers TGC's clients cost effective team building, training and coaching.