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Organizational Consulting

Client Surveys

  • Have you ever wondered what your clients really think?
  • Why you win (or lose out) in bid situations?
  • Wanted to make sure your company holds on to your best clients and customers?

In a client survey, we call a sampling of your clients to give you the answers you need. According to our clients, these surveys are affordable, surprising in the information uncovered and “worth every penny and more.”

Employee Surveys

  • What could you do to keep and increase productivity and morale?
  • What isn’t working? Where are the trouble spots? What’s working well?

We help our clients conduct confidential, on-target employee surveys that shed light for managers on issues key to employees

Wage and Salary Surveys

  • Are you paying your employees too much or too little?

If so, you’re either losing money (or spending it in the wrong places) or at risk for losing employees. Through an effective, streamlined wage and salary survey, we can give you the answers to your pay questions.

You’re Not Sure

If you’re not 100% or even 50% sure what “consulting” you need, don’t worry about it. At least half the clients who call us or walk through the door say, “I’m not sure quite what I need, I just have the sense I should give you a call.”

If that’s your situation, just call. There’s no charge. And, when we start the appointment if it doesn’t feel right, there’s no charge. So here’s the number, 276-4769 and ask to speak with any one of our staff.

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP