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Facilitated Retreats

Creating an environment to accomplish goals

Whether it is a retreat for Strategic Planning, Team building, Project Launch or a multi-day Annual Managers Meeting there are some things that you just don't want to skimp on - food is the TOP one, but second to that is creating an environment for your team that will set the right tone for you to accomplish your goals.

Businesses spend between $5,000 and upwards of $100,000 on company retreats. Either end of the spectrum is high price to pay and not walk away feeling like you've accomplished your goals.  However, sometimes retreats end that way: a good time and great discussions while there but little ownership of action items and forward steps afterward to get those ideas off the ground.

Some companies even experience lower morale within a few months after retreats than the months before because 20% of the attendees return with 80% of the work and the remaining 80% of attendees aren’t really clear on what those forward steps are.

If you are the one creating and spearheading the retreat or meeting, chances are it is near and dear to your heart – chances also are that you probably won’t get the opportunity to fully participate in the discussion if you are facilitating it without the perception of having an alternate agenda.

TGC Facilitators can help you before, during and after these retreats to help build the most effective agenda for your desired outcome and employee group, sustain positive employee morale, and develop an Action Plan to capitalize on the forward momentum.

Prior to the retreat we can help you work with each department or subgroup attending the retreat to establish clear goals and expectations. We will help you develop an effective agenda specific to the dynamics of your group that will keep them engaged: when to collaborate, when to conduct break-out sessions, how to converge for group discussion, all based on the dynamics of your group.

During the retreat we will create an atmosphere conducive to your goals such that Introvert Izzy will feel great about giving input and Talkative Tommy will “zip-it” when necessary all the while laying the groundwork for a professional, engaged and productive meeting that will keep your group on topic. Our facilitators are able to read group dynamics and think on their feet in order to ebb and flow with the needs of retreat participants yet still maintain a pace that keeps the agenda moving, goals met and voices heard.

Finally, we will help you document your next steps. During facilitation our consultant team is happy to take real time notes, documenting key components, decisions and action items. This allows us to quickly turn around a helpful Action Plan within a short period of time after the retreat to help the execution process move more efficiently and effectively.

Although we prefer to guide organizations through this process from start to finish, we understand that sometimes that isn’t possible and sometimes it’s just not necessary either. The Growth Company is available to come in at any time during this process to help you achieve your goals, and yes, - even to the extent you can call our HR On-call line and request mediation.

Organization Strategic Services

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP