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Organizational Assessments

Is there something amiss in your organization that you just can’t put your finger on?

Have you inadvertently stepped into something that you need help cleaning up?

Are your employees happy but not necessarily engaged?

Are you getting ready to embark on an organizational change or new strategic rollout but not quite sure how your employees will receive the change?

Organizational Assessments can be conducted through several methods. At The Growth Company, our consultants work with you to identify which tools (in-person interviews; phone interviews; email or online surveys; focus groups or other strategies) will best serve your organization and give you the best and most accurate results. We work with you to develop a step-by-step strategy that identifies both answers and solutions.

Through our Organizational Assessment tools, we tailor our approach that appropriately addresses your team’s dynamics and gets to the root of the problem. Some employers needlessly spend thousands of dollars addressing first one problem and then another after another without ever really identifying the root causes that fester, sending up new symptoms. We go the extra mile to make sure both the challenges and core issues are identified and an implementation plan is developed that meets your organization where it is at and pulls it forward to where you want it to be.

Organization Strategic Services

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP