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Articles by Dr. Lynne Curry

Dr. Curry publishes frequent newspaper columns addressing thorny personnel and management issues.   Her extensive article library is presented here:

4 Ways to deal with a rude person who doesn’t care about your feelings

Rude people. Nasty comments. Uncalled-for-insults. If you treat others well, but occasionally or regularly interact with others who don’t care how they treat you, and you don’t want your feelings to take you under like a rip tide, try these four strategies.  Full Story >>

Your public-speaking nightmare is about to come true. Here’s how to handle it

I’m not a public speaker — and I have two days to become one. Here’s the deal. Someone in our company made the decision that at each quarterly meeting an “average worker” will speak about their job and what they like about our company. I was nominated by someone for this “honor.” When my manager told me, I said ...  Full Story >>

I was promoted to supervisor and I hate it

When my company promoted me to supervisor, I was thrilled and determined to be the kind of supervisor I’d always wanted to work under – honest, fair, understanding and inspiring. Here’s what happened instead. Two weeks after I was promoted, our company...  Full Story >>

A fawning co-worker just became your boss. Now what?

My former co-worker, “Anne,” is now my boss and I don’t know if I can stay at my company under these conditions. Anne didn’t deserve her promotion. She’s not a leader and doesn’t have as much expertise or work experience as three of us on the team. She got her promotion not because she was the best, but because...  Full Story >>

Watch out for resume fraud

The new business manager you hired—the one with the terrific resume and reference? It turns out she never worked for the employers named on the resume or knew the supervisors listed as references—despite the glowing recommendations they wrote for her. Instead, she paid for a legitimate-appearing, completely phony resume and references.  Full Story >>

How to respond to sexual harassment from an office big shot

When I started work here, I had high hopes and felt my employer would do things in the right way, given that they interviewed me thoroughly, spent a day orienting me and provided me the most complete set of personnel policies I’ve ever seen. I was wrong. Trouble started when...  Full Story >>

Has your boss asked you to lie?

When I got hired at my company, the human resources department interviewed me and sent me into my now boss’ office for a “final interview.” He asked only one question, if I knew how to “run interference” for my supervisor. I answered...  Full Story >>

Legal issues: if someone is possibly bipolar

When we fired “Earl” this morning after he screamed at his supervisor on two separate occasions, we were ready for him to blow up. Instead, in an eerily calm voice Earl told us that our firing him would give him everything he wanted, because he could then sue us. Earl said...  Full Story >>

My boss is a bully and he wants me gone

I’m scared I’m going to lose my job. My coworkers and I work for a bully boss. He insults us constantly. When he’s upset, he yells things like “who’s going to pay for this!” and we all put our heads down and hope we’re not the one he picks on. After weeks in which I...  Full Story >>

An employee with cancer cuts back on overtime. Can she be fired for that?

When I told my manager I had cancer, she was initially supportive and asked a lot of personal questions, which I foolishly answered. Since then, she’s become increasingly critical of my work performance in areas that she used to call “not a problem.” Our worst fights occur when  Full Story >>

Offensive coworker insults you & says “it’s not a problem?”

One of my 30-something co-workers persists in telling me “you look just like my mother.” I’m in my 40’s and there’s no way I could be this woman’s mother. The first two times, I bristled but didn’t say anything.  Full Story >>

I left the workforce to care for my newborns. How do I get back in?

After I gave birth to twins, I tried to go back to work, but since my husband worked on the North Slope and considered his weeks off as OFF, this left me working full days and then handling housework and the twins for my “off” time. Between that, the difficulty of lining up care for when the twins got sick and couldn’t go to day care, and the cost of child care for two, made me decide to become a full-time at-home mother....  Full Story >>

My old boss is giving me a negative reference

After six months of work misery, I finally quit a job where I liked my coworkers but worked under a supervisor I couldn’t stand. In the past, I’ve never had problems getting a job and always had a new job within a week of leaving an old job. Not this time...  Full Story >>

Employers increasingly ask new hires about their medical history. Here’s why.

On my first day of work, my new employer gave me a packet of new-hire paperwork that included a detailed health questionnaire asking “have you ever had or have you ever been treated for” any of more than 40 health conditions. In addition...  Full Story >>

Operations manager rules by intimidation

Our CEO just hired a new operations manager. To call her blunt is to sugar-coat what she does. She walks through the office dishing out insults “so that everyone knows what’s correct procedure and what isn’t.” This morning ...  Full Story >>

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP