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Welcome to The Growth Company, Inc.

Our Mission: To heal the world, one workplace at a time.

Our History & Experience: The Growth Company Inc. (TGC), an Alaska based management-consulting firm founded in 1978, has provided human resources services to over 4,000 organizations in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, New York, Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Mexico, England, China and Japan. TGC’s staff includes experienced human resources professionals including Senior Associates who are SPHR certified (Senior Professional in Human Resources). TGC’s subject matter experts offer a wide variety of services that are categorized in the following three tiers:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Training & Development
  • Organizational Strategy & Analytics

Currently, we are the only Alaska based consulting firm that provides remote consultation via live webinar, and the only approved HRCI accredited training firm in Alaska. Our reputation of providing excellence service resonated from our principal consultant; Dr. Lynne Curry and has continued to be a cornerstone in our Culture.

Many competitors strive to “diagnose” and “prescribe” a solution; this is beneficial in a closed business system. However, organizations are filled with people, a human system, requiring much more than a cookie cutter approach.

At TGC we assess our client’s workplace environment and mobilize action to heal, improve, or prevent workplace issues. We strategically partner with our clients to unmask the root cause of issues and work collaboratively to resolve those issues… Our training/ consulting methodology is designed to form powerful partnerships with our clients while mitigating or preventing HR liabilities to further support our client’s ability to endure future endeavors. So who are we? We are HR Consultants who utterly believe that the elements of Growth, the development of people, and business intellect are virtually limitless…

Growth + Brilliance = Success.

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP